Woodbrook Area of Port of Spain. This Map Can Be Printed 

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A La Bastille Restaurant Parisien & Bar a Vins Ariapita Avenue & De Verteuil St 622-1789
Creole Kitchen   33 Carlos Street Woodbrook 624-2085
El Pecos On The Grill  On The Grill, Rotisserie, BBQ etc 68 Ariapita Av Woodbrook 628-9908
Frankie's Restaurant BBQ, Indian and Creole Cuisine 68 Ariapita Av Woodbrook 622-6609
Golden Coast   28 Fitt Street Woodbrook 627-5815
Grillers Grilled To Perfection 35 Ariapita Av Woodbrook 625-7342
Grillers Grilled To Perfection 78a Ariapita Av Woodbrook 622-4638
Hello Deli   73 Ariapita Av Woodbrook 625-2509
THE VERANDA   10 Rust St Ct Clair 622-6287
Irie Bites   71 Ariapita Av Woodbrook 622-7364
Melange   Ariapita Ave & Cornelio St Woodbrook 622-8687
Pizza Hut   Ariapita Av &Cornelio St Woodbrook 628-5551
Red Dragon Restaurant   42 Ariapita Av. Woodbrook 628-0014
Rib House   1 Fitt St Woodbrook 625-3869
Sweettime Restaurant   French St & Ariapita Av Woodbrook 624-9983
Tapas Restaurant & Bar   Ariapita Av & Gallus St Woodbrook 628-0054
Veni MangeRestaurant   67A Ariapita Av Woodbrook 624-4597
Vindra Sookdeo   Tragarete Rd Woodbrook 622-5576